As bolsas em tons claros da Vuitton

O modelo "Pochette Round", em azul e branco Próxima Ver mais fotos
O modelo "Pochette Round", em azul e branco

Blog LP já te contou que a maxitendência da temporada de primavera-verão 2012 lá de fora foi o fundo do mar, lembra? Mas outra maxitendência são os tons pastel! A Louis Vuitton foi uma das marcas que entrou nessa onda e fez suas bolsas (que agora estão à venda) nessas cores de macarron, com o monograma superclarinho – quase transparente – e conseguiu dar leveza e delicadeza até em materiais como o couro de crocodilo, por exemplo! Na galeria a gente te mostra as fotos bem de pertinho!


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  • Google+ has been around for almost a year now and – shockingly enough – irrespective of industry professionals rambling on and on about how “intuitive” and “user-friendly” the platform is, it has yet to make even the smallest dent in social networking stranglehold controlled by Facebook and Twitter.

  • Comments such as this 1 from CAP have infected the mainstream Democratic media. Tom Friedman’s post in the New York Times accusing the U.S. Congress of being bought and paid for by AIPAC as well as Joe Klein’s comments that Jews are looking for American troops to once again fight Israel’s battles are worthy of the anti-semitic motifs in ANGRIFF or Der Sturmer. In fact, similar language can be quoted out of both former Nazi publications. Routinely, Cohen, Kristof and MacKay who are regularly featured in the Times act as apologists for Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, in some alternative universe, you can depict the Mullahs and the Brotherhood as cuddly democrats (small d), however the metaphor falls apart when 100,000 followers routinely scream for Jewish blood. The Times, and writers like Klein, should be called out for what they are as should John Podesta and CAP. The ugly anti-semitic cesspool of language, innuendo and accusation that the left on the Democratic Party now regularly preaches and practices need to be condemned. Temporizing with these anti-semites which is what we get from Abe Foxman and David Harris has outlived its usefulness. And where is Senator Chuck Schumer who seems to suffer from congenital laryngitis when it comes to calling out his own kind?

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